Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Classic Photo Post

I haven't been diving in a few weeks, but I am going out tomorrow night. Local reports say that the La Jolla shores area has been cold (mid to high 40s) with good visibility. It should be a good night.

Here is a classic photo from right after I got my Nikon D80. In fact, I think that this was from my first outing with the camera. I took the photo at Casino Point at Catalina. The subject is a Garibaldi, the state marine fish of California. Garibaldis are a form of angelfish. They are fearless and willing photo models. Its a good thing that they are a protected species, because it would be easy to catch a lot of them. The lens used was the Nikon 60mm macro.

Bobcat Update

I haven't seen Bob in a week. I hope that he is doing well. In eight years of living here, he is the first bobcat that I have seen. Coincidentally, one of my friends in a neighborhood a couple of miles into the city (Paseo del Sol, for you locals) saw a bobcat last month.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bobcat watch!

I've got a new neighbor! He's Bob the Bobcat. Okay, so it's not a very original name. I also call him Kitty, as in "Here, Kitty, Kitty. I want to take your photo." I first noticed something unusual when I found some clumps of fur in the backyard. Then, on Friday, I was sitting in the kitchen when I saw a large cat walk across the patio. Bob isn't particularly large, but he is a bit larger than the biggest domestic cat, but he's still small for his species. Maybe he is a youngster. I then saw him on Saturday afternoon. He passed by the third time on Sunday evening.

The picture below is the first picture that I took, through the sliding glass door. You can see his stumpy tail. You can also see how tall Bob is compared to my barbecue island. Bob walked past the island and then turned back to see what the noise was when I came outside. That's when I took the above picture.

You can find out more about Bobcats at Bobcat Information.