Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Diving on the Eureka Oil Platform

I've been a little slow to add photos, so thanks for checking back. I'm going to try and add photos more often in the future.

Last weekend, Scuba Center Temeula chartered The Bottom Scratcher for a three tank trip. The ultimate destination was the Eureka Oil Platform, but we first stopped at Izor's Reef along the way.

Izor's Reef is an artificially created fishing reef. It is in 100ft of water, but the structre can rise 20 feet above the sand. The reef is made from concrete poles that are about 2ft square and up to 50 feet long - or longer. There were many small fish and schools of juveniles, particularly blacksmiths. There were many White Plumed Anemones (Metridium) which are also common on the HMCS Yukon, a sunken wreck in San Diego.

After one deep dive, we headed over to the Eureka Oil Platform. The Eureka is 9 miles out of Long Beach, in 700ft of water.

Most of my two dives were spent at 55ft where there were horizonal structural element that stretched between the legs of the platform.

This Sheephead had some pretty gnarly teeth.

My occasional dive buddy Bill Kibbett.

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