Monday, January 19, 2009

Truth Trip VII: The Rest of the Photos

Here is a final selection of photos from the TTVII Trip.

A Crevice Kelpfish

A Snubnose Sculpin

A large Lingcod with some pointy looking teeth

I like how the baitfish come in different color patterns. Some have stripes over their top halves, some have spots, and some are just silver.

The ones with a row of spots are Pacific Sardines. I'm not sue about the stripe-topped ones. They could be small Jack Mackeral, but I'm not sure. And then there are the plain silver ones.

And now for a small assortment of nudibranchs. Usually, if I can't find anything else to take macro photos of, Spanish Shawls are the backup plan. Sometimes they will even pose!

And here's a cute little Limbaugh's Cadlina.

And finally, a boldly colored Porter's Chromodorid.

A few more photos are located in my Truth Trip VII Photobucket album.

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