Saturday, January 5, 2008

Diving at Lanai

Dive Buddy Bob and I went to Lanai with Extended Horizons. We first dove "No Name Pinnacle" near Paradise Cove and then Cathedrals #2. No Name was a typical Hawaiian dive site were we saw eels, a juvenile peacock wrasse (the photos weren't very good), and some of the other usual suspects.

Cathedrals #2 is a lave tube/cave with lots of holes to let in light. I couldn't get any decent photos. There were too many people in our group and I was the last one into the chamber. It was too silted up by then. I did find a wire coral gobie, which was a good test of the macro capabilities of my Sigma 17-70 lens. I probably could have gotten a little closer.

The full frame:

A closer crop:

Here's a shot of the rugged Lanai coastline as we were leaving.

One the way back, we hit some rough water. The boat captain gave use two options: slow and really wet, or fast and hard and probably drier. We took fast and hard. It was a bit painful, but we didn't have it as hard as poor Gwen the Dive Master at the back of the boat. The paying customers get the dry seats up front. She gets drenched. She smiled the whole way.

I recommend Extended Horizons for any of your dive needs. Our group was led by Dive Master Chris who did a decent job.

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